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Printing barcode labels from the web. What does it mean for your business?

Web printing is a new concept in the distributed printing of labels and in particular, barcode labels. Web label printing allows a business to retain full control of every aspect of the label design, layout and data content, while still being able to pass the local printing of the labels to a remote supplier or satellite location.

Example1: The business has a main location where all the label designs and templates are created, managed and populated with business data for product labels. These labels have very strict rules governing the layout, the barcodes and more importantly the information that is printed on every label. The data is inserted automatically from the business data system.

Automotive supplier label

In the main site this can be easily controlled and managed with NiceLabel LMS, which is specifically designed to control all aspects of labelling. But what about any satellite locations? Maybe another manufacturing site or just another office, but the same rules on label production will apply.


Example2: 3rd party suppliers are shipping products with barcode product labels or goods receiving labels. The business needs to ensure the labels are perfectly accurate and conform to the standards demanded by the business or its end customers.

Webforms label printing

With NiceLabel LMS Pro and Enterprise, you get Web Forms, a fast and safe way to deploy remote location label printing, while still retaining full control of the layout and data content of your product and other business critical labels.

NiceLabel PowerForms Web is the only Web printing solution that utilizes client-side processing and client-side printer management. Client-side processing means that print streams and print previews are generated by the local PC and not by the remote server that introduces a time lag and network traffic. Client-side printer management allows local users to use any Microsoft Windows printer driver, control the settings locally and not be restricted by what printers the server supports.

To see if you your business can benefit from this amazing web printing feature and many other advanced label management and printing functions in NiceLabel LMS ( Label Management System ), please call our NiceLabel team on 01200 441977 or contact

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