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NiceLabel Cloud now supports Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management & Finance

NiceLabel V10 now fully supports Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management (D365SCM) With the introduction of NiceLabel Cloud V10, NiceLabel prints directly from D365SCM in your specific printing environment. You download and deploy our sample integration to D365SCM Lifecycle Services like other integrations. You can customize your integration code to include your printer setup information and other D365SCM data to use on labels you print. This means that the full power of NiceLabel can be deployed to produce complex data items such as barcodes and QR Codes using the WYSIWYG interface in NiceLabel, created with data directly from D365SCM.

NiceLabel Cloud is a cloud-based label management system that lets you print on cloud and classic printers.

  • Cloud printers are smart devices that connect to NiceLabel Cloud with no software installation required. NiceLabel Cloud prints on cloud printers using Cloud Print REST APIs with predefined request formats.

  • Classic printers require installation on Windows computers. NiceLabel Cloud prints with NiceLabel Automation. Install NiceLabel Automation on your computer to handle data processing and printing for classic printers. You can trigger printing with Cloud Trigger REST APIs in any request format. Your Automation configuration determines how to process requests.

Setting up NiceLabel from inside D365SCM ensures that NiceLabel is fully integrated with D365SCM and fully instructions are provided by Loftware NiceLabel to setup and test the integration.

For information on how you can take advantage of NiceLabel fully integrated into Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management & Finance, call the NiceLabel Team at Dash Computer Products on 01200 441977 of email

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