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NiceLabel PowerForms offers users all of the design and label printing capabilities of Designer with the added functionality of automated printing, SQL and more complex ERP database integration and operator data entry forms, to eliminate errors and increase productivity. 

PowerForm's application builder removes the need for programmers to develop their own custom printing front-end or integration applications, which are difficult and costly to maintain. Using the builder, you can rapidly create a printing application via a “drag and drop” interface, making designing an application as easy as designing a label.  Data entry forms used for printing are automatically built for you, as you design labels and the application builder allows you to customise these forms to fit your company’s workflows and requirements, with the option to build applications for data entry or management.

With PowerForm's “all-on-one” printing form, the user always knows what data changes are required before printing, significantly reducing the likelihood of errors. All data-entry fields are clearly listed together, so the user doesn't need to switch between dialogue boxes to know exactly what data needs to be entered and if the label changes, the data-entry fields adapt automatically.

PowerForm's business rules engine allows print requests to be dynamically changed based on business logic applied to dynamic data. By processing the data, the business rules engine can select the applicable workflow to run and execute the logic to perform e.g. requesting data from additional data sources, manipulating and modifying label data, setting attributes, selecting one or many label templates, targeting specific printers, and executing additional workflows.



Trial Loftware NiceLabel PowerForms for 30 Days for free to fully trial this feature rich label design and print software.

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Hints and tips of how to set up and print labels can be found within the Loftware NiceLabel Knowledge Base. 

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